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Breathtakingly Beautiful

The authentic look & texture of reclaimed weathered wood boards creates the depth of character and sense of warmth that only wood can bring. Choose from an array of six naturally sun-weathered finishes. With close attention to detail, originality and character, these planks look every bit as unique as real wood, with a lot less hassle. What better way to bring the natural beauty and look of wood to any wall or surface of your home or business.

The Plank It Advantage

They may look like genuine barn door, but our Plank It Wallscapes have advantages over the real thing.

  • Save Time & Labor
  • UV Stabilized for interior use
  • Material: Urethane Composite / Acrylic Finish
  • No Planing, No Sanding & No Finishing
  • 100% Useable / No Waste
  • Plank It Wallscapes are pre-finished & ready to use
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle & install
  • Won't Warp, cracking/checking, rot or harbor insects.
  • Easy to clean, non toxic planks are environmentally friendly.
  • Replicated to exacting details from actual weathered wood planks.
  • No arsenic, lead, odors or pesticide residue
  • Class A Fire Rated
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  • No two planks will look alike!
  • Our complex color variation, along with our mixed widths contributes to a beautiful, large scale design. The deep graining in each board was cast from reclaimed old barn wood lumber.

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White Washed

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Canyon Red

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